Suitability of our Pro D3 products

Synergy Biologics Pro D3 supplements are expertly formulated by UK pharmacists and include carefully selected ingredients at just the right strength for maximum benefit - always with safety in mind.

Our pharmacists endeavour to make all our supplements as inclusive as possible so that they are suitable for people with specific dietary requirements - without compromising the quality or efficacy of our products.

Every Pro D3 product is comprehensively assessed using internationally recognised standards for suitability and suitability is clearly marked on every pack.


    • Pro D3 Vitamin D Supplements are Allergen Free

      Allergen Free

      Pro D3 sets the standard in purity and safety for Vitamin D supplements. Our products are uniquely free from common allergens, including nuts and peanuts, thanks to our dedicated, allergen-free manufacturing facility in Walsall, England.

      Choose Pro D3 for an allergen-Free Supplement experience and peace of mind.

    • Pro D3 Vitamin D Supplements are Halal


      Pro D3 products do not contain ingredients (including alcohol), prohibited according to Islamic law.

      In addition, All Pro D3 products have been manufactured using equipment that is dedicated for Halal products in Synergy Biologics' Halal Certified manufacturing facility in full compliance with Internationally recognised Halal standards.

    • Pro D3 Vitamin D Supplements are Kosher


      Pro D3 products are formulated without any ingredients that conflict with Kosher dietary laws.

      This commitment extends to our manufacturing process: all Pro D3 supplements are produced in Synergy Biologics' state-of-the-art facility, which holds esteemed Kosher certification. We ensure that every step of production, from sourcing ingredients to final packaging, adheres strictly to internationally recognised Kosher guidelines.

    • Vegetarian / Vegan

      The Pro D3 range has undergone rigorous evaluation and has been officially approved as Vegetarian/Vegan.

      This prestigious accreditation is a testament to our dedication to quality and ethical standards. The Vegetarian Society's experts independently verify both the ingredients and production methods of Pro D3 products, ensuring they meet the strict criteria required for Vegetarian and Vegan products.

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